How Are Negative Online Reviews Actually Good For You?

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How Are Negative Online Reviews Actually Good For You?

  • According to Digital Air Strike, 70% of car shoppers say that a dealerships’ reviews influenced where they chose to shop.
  • Google declares that 22% of internet users post a review after an automobile purchase.
  • DealerRater says that 24% of shoppers consider online reviews over every other factor when purchasing a car.
  • According to Digital Dealer, online reviews have been known to increase sales by as much as 18% whether they are positive or negative.

While these metrics may be helpful numbers to remember, they don’t answer how online reviews are actually a positive aspect of your digital marketing. Here’s how:

  1. They show who you really are. In general, shoppers want to see a healthy combination of both good reviews and bad reviews. A car dealer who only has positive reviews is probably doing something shady, whereas a dealer who has only has negative reviews is definitely doing something shady. Real businesses with real customers always have a combination of both, hopefully leaning more toward the positive side.
  2. We have been taught to question what we read online. When we see a negative review online, its common for us to take them with a grain of salt. So if you have 5 reviews raving about your service and one saying your service is awful, chances are good that people are going to pay more attention to the good ones than the bad one.
  3. They mean people are talking about you. We already know that 70% of car shoppers say that a dealerships reviews influenced where they chose to shop. However, in many of those cases it was simply because they had a lot of reviews, reflecting that they had a lot of customers. A large number of reviews, no matter the rating, show that you have experience – and there is no replacement for knowing your stuff.
  4. They tell you where you’re going wrong. If Joe in the service department gets three negative reviews a day, you know it’s time to have a chat with him about his customer service. By keeping a close eye on where your reviews are trending, you will always know what you need to improve to increase sales.
  5. And finally, they give you the chance to prove how great you are. By responding to every review, good or bad, you are displaying to the world that you care about the individual – not just the sale. A simple “thank you” to a positive review, and an apology with your contact information to a negative review can not only make the reviewer, but every observer feel good about who you are. Furthermore, if 22% of people are going to post a review after buying a car, ask the people who you know are happy to give you a review when they have time. This will allow you to better control the narrative improve your overall rating.

Managing your online reputation may seem like dealing with an endless abyss of unhappy people who are seeking out retribution for every mistake. In reality, it is another opportunity for you to monitor your progress, engage your customers, and boost your sales. If this task seems too daunting for you to handle on your own, seek out a software that will bring all of your reviews to one dashboard for quick and easy responses. We use Podium software with our clients and have seen great success. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have additional questions about your online reputation.


By: Amanda Poe
Digital Marketing Director 

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